Welcome to Arizona Gastroenterology


Our medical team is dedicated to providing patients with outstanding care in a comfortable environment. Arizona Gastroenterology provides gastroenterological care for inpatient and outpatient medical services in the diagnosing and treating of patients with illness and disease of the digestive tract. This includes: esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines (colon), pancreas and liver, gallbladder and attached bile duct.

Patients come to Arizona Gastroenterology because we care. Patients feel at ease and relaxed before, during and after procedures, and our medical team is by their side every step of the way. In addition, our team guides patients on the path to healthier living, giving them recommendations on how to address their specific needs. We consult with patients on what treatments are working best for them and closely monitor their progress.

Arizona Gastroenterology accepts most major insurance plans. We will always work with you on insurance related issues.

Please schedule your appointment by calling us at (520) 742-4139.