Arizona Digestive Institute

The Arizona Digestive Institute is located adjacent to Arizona Gastroenterology’s La Cholla office. The Arizona Digestive Institute is a state-of-the-art gastroenterology endoscopy center where most Arizona Gastroenterology procedures are performed.

Before a treatment or rehabilitation plan can be established for conditions affecting the gastrointestinal (GI) system, your physician must first determine the reason for, and source of, a condition.

After the evaluative information is collected and reviewed, the physician, often a gastroenterologist, will determine the best treatment plan, based on the individual’s condition and preferences.

Insurance Information

Our providers are contracted with numerous insurance plans to meet your medical needs. If you don’t see your plan listed below, please contact your insurance company to see if our providers are in your network. If your insurance plan requires a referral to be seen by a specialist, please contact your primary care provider prior to your appointment date and ask them to fax your referral along with any pertinent medical records to (520) 742-9618. This will allow our providers to provide the necessary care during your appointment.

Billing Information

You may contact the billing office at (520) 742-4139 to discuss your statement, ask questions regarding physician or facility billing, or to make a payment over the phone.

In the event that you are scheduled for an endoscopic procedure, you should be aware of some important information regarding how your services will be billed to your insurance company. The total cost for your procedure may include up to four different billable services: The Physician’s fee, the Facility fee and the Pathologist’s fee (if biopsies are taken)and an Anesthesia fee. Each fee will be billed separately to your insurance company by the performing provider.

Physician’s Fee

The physician’s professional fee is for performing the Endoscopy procedure, supervising, interpreting, and consulting with you and your referring physician. Any bill for these services will be submitted under your physician’s name. For questions regarding the Physician fee billing, please contact our professional billing staff at (520) 742-4139 and they will gladly assist you.

Facility Fee

The facility component of your service will be billed from Arizona Digestive Institute or Oro Valley Medical Center or Northwest Medical Center. Facility fees cover the cost of providing the technicians, nurses, equipment, and supplies involved in the procedure. For any questions regarding the facility fee billing for Arizona Digestive Institute, please contact our professional billing staff at (520) 742-4139 and they will gladly assist you.

Anesthesia Services

Professional Anesthesia Services- (520) 531-2053

Anesthesia Services are provided by Professional Anesthesia Services. Any questions regarding fees, insurance coverage and your financial liability should be directed to Professional Anesthesia Services at (520) 531-2053.

Pathology Fee

Caris Diagnostics- (888) 344-1160

If biopsies are taken during your procedure, you will be billed by the pathologist reviewing the tissue sample. If you have any questions regarding your pathology bill please contact the pathologist directly, using the information provided on their statement.

We will bill your services to your primary insurance company and a secondary insurance company if one is provided by you. Please familiarize yourself with your Outpatient Surgical benefits prior to your procedure. If your insurance plan mandates that you are financially responsible for payment of co-pays, deductibles, co-insurances, or non-covered services, we will be contractually obligated to collect them. Facility fees for Arizona Digestive Institute are always due in full at the time of service. For procedures done at Oro Valley Medical Center or Northwest Medical Center please contact them directly for facility billing questions at (520) 742-4139.

As a courtesy and service to our patients, the billing office can assist you with understanding and estimating your financial responsibility prior to your procedure. Please call (520) 742-4139 to speak with a billing staff member. Estimates provided by billing staff are not a guarantee of payment in full by you. Any patient responsibility that is due after your insurance company has processed the claim(s), will be billed to you via a statement. Any patient balance is due in full upon receipt. Some patients may have riders, pre-existing conditions, preventive services, frequency limitations, or other services that may not be covered by their health plan. Please review your insurance benefits or contact member services prior to your appointment date.

The billing office is dedicated to making sure your financial concerns and questions are answered prior to and after your procedure. We look forward to serving you.

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