Procedure Prep Questions and After Hours Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I have to drink clear liquids 24 hours before my colonoscopy?
If solid food is eaten the day before the procedure, it will show up in the colon during the colonoscopy and prevent the physician from having a clear view. Therefore, polyps or even cancer can be missed.

Why not Red or Purple?
If you drink red or purple-colored drinks before your colonoscopy, the fluid will resemble blood in the colon!

Why do I have to start my prep so late?
Starting the prep later will help keep the colon cleaned out for your procedure. Washing out the colon too early may result in bile covering the early half of the colon, making it hard to your doctor to see.

What if I vomit after taking any of the doses of preparation?
It’s OK! You may stop taking the mixture for 1 hour and then resume according to dosing instructions. Take your time with the remaining prep. Remember to drink other clear liquids you like during the prepping process.

When can I expect the preparation to “kick in” and what if it doesn’t within the time frame?
Most patients will have results within two hours after taking the first dose, but it may take as long as six hours. The preparations are very effective if they are taken according to the instructions.
If you were to have very limited results or no results, please call endoscopy center in the morning prior to your procedure for additional instructions. It’s unlikely that your procedure would need to be cancelled.

What medications should I take the morning of my procedure?
Medications for blood pressure, heart conditions, and seizures should be taken the morning of your exam as prescribed with small sips of water.

I am taking the prep for having loose, watery stools. Do I still need the rest of the prep?
Yes, you may have solid stool higher in the colon that needs to be eliminated.

What if I am still passing stool the morning of my test?
Take a tap water enema until you run clear, or a Fleets Enema. If this doesn’t work, call the endoscopy center in the morning.

What is the difference between a DIAGNOSTIC and a SCREENING colonoscopy?
A DIAGNOSTIC COLONOSCOPY investigates an active problem, such as pain or bleeding. A SCREENING COLONOSCOPY is performed for a routine health check without active problems. If a screening colonoscopy is done and something is biopsied or removed, your insurance company may re-classify your procedure as a DIAGNOSTIC test.